The Best Way to Prepare Eggs

In addition to the beloveds such as glorious omelettes with fresh herbs from the garden, or a rich savory omelette with meats, my favorite treat would be poached eggs. Delicate, simple, and delicious.

Poached Eggs on Muffins Late Brunch

Poached with Malt Vinegar on a Sourdough English Muffin with Carmelized Onions.

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To the Yard Part 2, The Cheese Steak Cat

Once again, Please press play first, then proceed. For this one, brace yourself.

Feeling it? Now scroll, in a sort of Cheese-Steaky kind of way…

There ya go, getcha cheese-steak on…

Cheese Steak Cat. Damn right.

A little indirect in consequence but Anyone else want a Cheese Steak now??? 🙂 🙂 🙂

Two Words: Food Porn.

Cats in clothing, and other nonsense.

What is this all about; this “cats, and other nonsense”? Well dear reader, what you are about to experience is something unprecedented. A blog of pure bliss; things that are absolutely irrelevant to boosting your productivity, your effectiveness in your job, or helping your bills get paid easier.  What you will find is something that does for a quick moment or two, create an oasis of humor in the day-in day-out grind of your life.  This blog was birthed from a Facebook post. Yes, that’s correct. I was in a persnicketyâ™  mood one morning and I posted “Do you ever just, not want to wear clothes?”

It begins...

And an absolutely uproar began.  One thing led to another, I created a Facebook group <a href=””>Sometimes I just don’t want to wear clothes.</a> which turned into a forum for posting funny pictures of cats and other animals WEARING clothing (since we members of the group do NOT always feel like wearing clothes) which turned into an absolute uproar of ridiculous posts of videos, and hilarious images which brightened everyone’s day, or confused or at least annoyed a few people.

Posts about cats, animals in clothing, and other nonsense began to flow.

Alas, seeing the life and energy and humor that erupted from that original Facebook post, this blog is born.  So subscribe, and let the trickle of goofy humor come and brighten your day.  Various videos, images and other media will be posted, including but not limited to cats, and other nonsense. Enjoy!

What'd I tell you? This blog is about cats in clothing, and other nonsense.